We are exporting and importing slaughter animals.
We leading intra-Community acquisition and delivery slaughter animals with many countries like: Denemark, Holland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy, Czech.

We are delivering animals at highest quality:
- breeding animals
- suckling pigs
- piglets
- fattening pigs
- sows
- cattle (bulls, heifers, cows)

Because of long-term collaboration and contact with customers in our country and abroad, We are able to offer You attractive conditions of purchase, thereby high quality of offering goods.

Our advantages:
- honesty and reliability
- long-term exist in domestic and foreign market
- professional customer service team
- products of highest quality
- offer adjusted to individual needs of our clients

Transport service
We are also providing transport service. We have wide base of specialist transport vehicles for carriage animals, fullfilling all of veterinary conditions. We have also trailer - freezer intended to transport bellies and articles which must be carriage in low temperature.
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